Cool stuff for you to consider when selecting new software.


The Truth About the Cloud

Cloud, cloud, cloud.  You are on the cloud or you are nothing.  What does that really mean??  Does it mean your data is somewhere else – cloud server.  Does it mean you are paying month – SaaS pricing (Software as a Service).  Or does it mean your software run inside a browser – like Chrome or Safari.

Online Reservations

It’s all about self service now.  There is an entire generation of guests who will only book online.  Take reservations from your own sire – take reservations from the 400 + OTAs (Online Travel Agents).

Modern Software

What makes software modern??  It is the look, it is the feel, is it the ease of use.  Maybe all of those.  Does modern software need blinking lights around the edges?  

Benefits of Modern Software

What will you gain by switching to modern software?  Increased revenue, decrease costs, more staff time for your guests.  All this and more.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

What does it cost to stay with your old software??  Lost revenue, wasted labor, old technology, credit card issues, and more.  Look at the actual cost estimates.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology – allowing your staff to use mobile phones and tablets to do their day to day tasks.  It’s a HUGE timme and money saver.

Product Brochure

When prospects used to ask for brochures I would ask if they would like me to come over to help them throw it into the wastebasket.  Now, of course, the brochures are electronic, so much greener  no waste.

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System Diagram

System Diagram

A fully integrated system provides HUGE savings in staff time.  No more rekeying and reconciling. Integration from the original transaction through to you accounting system.  Now that is smart.