Connecting With Other Systems

Smart Hotel Software connects with many of the other systems in your property. We don’t provide these products but we do interface with them.


Call Accounting and Switchboard

Smart Hotel Software integrates with communication systems to enable you to provide expected phone and voicemail functionality to your guests.

Integrated Call Accounting automates transaction posting to the guest folio when the transaction happens.

Integrated PBX/PABX automates creation of voicemail boxes and pin numbers upon guest check-in.  Full PBX/PABX functionality is at your fingertips.


Smart Hotel Software is proud to partner with many providers to meet your communication needs.

Door Locks

Integration with Keyless Entry/Door Lock systems enable you to automatically create keycards upon check-in and automate the process of keycard management.

Additionally, all Smart Hotel Software modules have built in user access security, enabling the manager to determine access levels for front line staff.

Smart Hotel Software is proud to partner with many door lock providers to deliver you the seamless, integrated security solutions that you need to run your hospitality business.

Video on Demand (VOD)

Smart Hotel Software features integration with in room movie systems and Video on Demand systems.  Transactions automatically get posted to the guest folio within the property management system as they happen.  Real time, automated posting enables you to see up to the minute usage activity within your property and provide you real control.

Utilize expected functionality and familiar providers to provide your guests an experience they will remember.

Smart Hotel Software proudly partners with Lodgenet to deliver you integrated In-Room Entertainment and Video on Demand.

Please NOTE: Smart Hotel does NOT provide Video On Demand Systems – we interface with existing VOD.

Credit Cards

Smart Hotel Software integrates with many of the popular Credit Card processors enabling you to take payments by credit cards without requiring a stand alone terminal.

Smart Hotel Software is fully PCI compliant providing you peace of mind and ensuring that your customer’s data is stored securely.  You need not worry about fines and security breaches while using this solution because all credit card information is stored in encrypted databases protecting your customer’s private information from prying eyes.

Smart Hotel Software proudly partners with many providers to deliver you real time credit card processing and many more.

Business Integrity

Industry Standard Accounting and Fiscal Control helps you maintain integrity where it matters most - in your pocketbook.

Improve Guest Service

By having guest history at your fingertips, you can remember their preferences, speed up check-in, and improve their overall experience.

Increase Your Revenue

Effectively manage your reservations, rooms, and rates with powerful and intuitive Yield Management Tools.

Stop Paying Commission

There are no fees and no commissions. Online reservations are available to help you save costs.

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