System Requirements

System Requirements

These are the recommended specifications for computer hardware to run Smart Hotel Software PMS and POS. Slower computers may work with Smart Hotel Software PMS, but user experience may suffer.

Any reasonably new computer will work fine as a PMS workstation. There has been a major change in POS workstations with the introduction of Windows 8 with its support for touch screens. Dell has some beautiful all-in-one large (20-23”) touch screens at much better prices than traditional POS systems.

PMS System Requirements

POS System Requirements


Business Integrity

Industry Standard Accounting and Fiscal Control helps you maintain integrity where it matters most - in your pocketbook.

Improve Guest Service

By having guest history at your fingertips, you can remember their preferences, speed up check-in, and improve their overall experience.

Increase Your Revenue

Effectively manage your reservations, rooms, and rates with powerful and intuitive Yield Management Tools.

Stop Paying Commission

There are no fees and no commissions. Online reservations are available to help you save costs.

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