Customer Relationship Management

Smart Hotel is a fully functional CRM system.  We track guest profiles and guest history including previous stays and selected package elements like activities.  We have a rich set of user defined fields that can be customized to suit your business model.  We track an unlimited number of guest notes with an optional action date and action staff.

At the entry level, Smart Hotel Software has capability to drill into our database and create specific lists and export to Excel.  From there you can input the lists into Microsoft Office or your preferred delivery program (email, snail mail, etc.).  Send specific targeted messages to your lists based on any criteria you can imagine.

This is a tremendously powerful tool that enables you to better manage your business if you track prospects before the sale, and if you do extensive follow-up marketing to your customer base.




Business Integrity

Industry Standard Accounting and Fiscal Control helps you maintain integrity where it matters most - in your pocketbook.

Improve Guest Service

By having guest history at your fingertips, you can remember their preferences, speed up check-in, and improve their overall experience.

Increase Your Revenue

Effectively manage your reservations, rooms, and rates with powerful and intuitive Yield Management Tools.

Stop Paying Commission

There are no fees and no commissions. Online reservations are available to help you save costs.

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